Destinations - Lembongan Island is a good place to relax. It is very suitable for water sports such as leisure, diving and snorkeling.

Amazing Blue Lagoon At Ceningan Island

Thursday, 4th June, 2020 | Relax | Posted by Anom W

Now, if you are looking for thrilling cliff jumping in Bali, Blue Lagoon is your ideal choice. This time in Bali, this breathtaking place, make your adventure more exciting. 

The beautiful clear waters of the blue lagoon of Nusa Ceningan are the perfect picture of island paradise. One can find a small island related to Lembongan Island through the connected wooden hangers. 

Gossip is prevalent and the spread drops from time to time, but you just have to go and see for yourself. At night, in this city, you can communicate with the locals, the restaurant has its own private swimming pool, and General Nusa Ceningan is an ideal place to join and relax. 

Jumping off the cliffs of the Nusa Ceningan Blue Lagoon is one of the best encounters you have. You will always have your trip to Bali. Location: The Blue Lagoon is located at the western end of Nusa Ceningan Island

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