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Gala Gala Cave: Only One Lembongan Under Ground House

Friday, 15th June, 2018 | Posted by Anom W
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Gala-Gala Under Ground House Lembongan

This underground house was built in 1961 and was built by Mangku Byasa using traditional tools such as crowbars for about 15 years. To facilitate the extraction process of limestone, Mangku Byasa uses charred cow dung.

This cave was eventually used as a residence. This masterpiece is well-deserved and is listed as one of the cultural heritage. Many people are curious to visit the beauty and uniqueness of the underground houses. Finding a house is not difficult, because there is a sign at the entrance of the alley with Underground House as a sign. Walk about 50 meters from the Hutong entrance to Goa Gala-Gala. When you reach the cave area, you will see a part of the cave, like a house, with a courtyard full of trees.

However, a corner terrace with a hole of about 3 meters can be found in the area of ​​the house, which is almost the same. These holes are the entrance to the underground house. Through these holes, you can go down the stairs. In addition, you can see the pillars of the earth and branches in different directions. As soon as you enter the cave, you can feel it like a maze. However, you can find some spaces in your home, such as dining room, bedroom, and living room, with stone-carved chairs on the floor. In addition, you will find many Mangku Byasa used for meditation with overdraft walls.

If you are also interested in visiting the underground houses on Nusa Lembongan, Bali, you can easily enter the area. The location of the cave or underground house is about 50 meters from the roadside of Nusa Lembongan. Tickets for the entire area are 20,000. This is an affordable price for uniqueness that you may not find elsewhere. Underground houses have doors, like holes, they can ventilate and circulate air, so that the direction inside the hole, you still feel fresh.

This cave was once considered to be used as a place to stay, so the layout and design shown are also very good, including the entrance system. Visiting unique places seems to provide a special experience. You can try to visit some counter-mainstream tourist destinations, they will definitely provide a different and unique feel. One of them is to visit the Goa Gala on Lembongan Island: Goa Gala-Gala, Nusa Lembongan, Klungkung Regency, Bali 80771, Indonesia

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