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Traveling south from the main area of ​​the island, you will find some interesting beaches close to each other: Sandy Bay or Sunset Beach, Devil’s Tears, and Dream Beach. Reserve Sandy Bay for later use, as it is one of the best places on the island to enjoy the sunset.

Tears of the Fallen Angel is a development territory of rocky cliffs that touch the sea. Living here, you can see the all-encompassing scenery of the sea from a higher angle. When everything looks good, big waves will hit the rocks, rise, and splash the air. rest! An amazing Instagram photo. Know that you should not stand near the edge, because at some point the waves are big and the currents can be dangerous. Close to Devil’s Tears, Dream Beach is the main coast after the basic area of ​​the island.

Unfortunately, it is also a bit crowded. Visiting in the morning will be more enjoyable. Walk through the stone territory and discover fascinating photo spots, such as under a stone development area or a small cave. There is also a bouncing point on the cliff, but it is best to ask your neighbors to make sure you are adequately protected and expect to politely jump into the sea.

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