Secret Point Beach At Nusa Ceningan

Wednesday, 29th April, 2020 | Relax | Posted by Anom W

When you head to this unique destination, don’t miss the opportunity to visit Bali’s only secret point beach. As you walk from the parking space to the beach, you can see the full view of the cliffs and coastline, as well as other view focal points and recommended Instagram attractions, such as the slanted tree you can climb. 

When you walk towards the observation point of Tyrannosaurus rex, whether you need to go further is up to you. There is a privately made railing on the cliff, which is very steep and can directly enter the middle of the arrangement of stones. To the coast. Many people do this most of the time because our tour manager does not go to the base. 

Highlights: This awesome perspective should be on your trash bin list, because it is dark for crowds of tourists, and even more incredible. If you need gadgets and continuity to hike ashore, but bring water (you can buy it at the top) and drive, descending is not an easy task. 

Located on the southwest side of Nusa, it can be reached by a long motorcycle road.

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