Things To Do - The Lembongan island is very suitable for snorkeling, scuba dive, or even cycling and motorcycles. It has many white sandy beaches. The waves attract surfers from all over the world.

Snorkeling Trips At Nusa Lembongan Island

Saturday, 6th June, 2020 | Water Activities | Posted by Anom W

Lembongan people, in addition to tourism for their livelihoods, still have seaweed farmers as their main business tradition. Nusa Lembongan Bali, this place is very suitable as an alternative destination for your Bali vacation. This island is a great place to take photos or selfies, as well as a pre-wedding, scuba diving and snorkeling spot on Lembongan Island in Bali. 

The warm waters and abundant marine life make it an ideal snorkeling resort. Coral gardens and tropical fish are colorful, but the real attraction is the large fish, such as sunfish or Mola-mola fish, which weigh up to 5,000 pounds. There are several places on the island to rent snorkeling equipment and provide snorkeling trips. 

Beach snorkeling

Some great snorkeling spots are close to the shore, but the sandy bottom usually reduces visibility by half. By using crewmembers, divers can reach better locations, including locations near Nusa Penida. Local boatmen can be hired to snorkel on the island, and many operators can be found at Jungutbatu Beach. In addition, snorkeling excursions can be arranged for most tourists, including day trips from Bali. Most dive shops also allow divers to join their scheduled dive Lembongan Bay. 


Lembongan Bay

Near the northwest coast of Lembongan Island, this bay also requires a boat operator, but is closer than a point near Nusa Penida. These waters have a sandy bottom covered with coral bombs and are about 30 feet above sea level. Marine life includes frogfish, unicorns, whitebait and eels. Although more comfortable than Crystal Bay and Manta Point, the bay is mainly home to small fish. 

Mushroom Bay

Mushroom Bay is located on the northwest coast of Lusa Lembongan, just south of Jungutbatu Beach. This sheltered bay has a lot of boating activities, but it also has some of the best snorkeling spots without a boat operator. The coral reef starts at the white sand beach, which is also very suitable for sunbathing and seaside food vendors. The bungalows are a few meters from the water. 

Mangrove Point

Mangrove forest covers the northeast part of the island, and this area offers excellent snorkeling. The coral reefs in these waters are gently sloping, featuring coral slabs and reefs, as well as many healthy small fish. Marble stingrays and occasional sharks can also be seen in the area. Due to ocean currents, divers must predict some ocean currents. Dive shops will also stop in deeper waters, where there are more marine life.

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